Still alive!

Hello everyone!


This is just a quick note to say that I’m still alive, and have just returned from my vacation. A quick New Year’s special will be up on Monday and then regular updates will resume.

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “Still alive!

  1. What?? No cartoon posting from London OR Lisbon??? Outrageous…

    I want my money back!!    😉 More seriously, Glad you had a good time, back home safe and more or less sound. Looking forward to more of the graphic novel. Send Alain some on the road  pics, or post links to them. The Rosetta Stone was amazing, took me a minute to tumble to what it was.


    1. All my creative energy went into a short story I’m just wrapping up 🙂

      And yep! I just need to figure out which pictures to submit.


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