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I’ve been really identifying with this drawing lately, which is unsurprising, because Write What You Know.



I’m a huge fan of Edward Gorey. In a lot the drawings that I do on paper, I try to use his approach to texture and shading where it’s appropriate. I hadn’t really done any of that sort of ink work in Against Stupidity until this drawing. It makes sense that it would come to me here, since the scene with Stan is the first one where I’m really working with light and shadow.

The other place where I used a technique that I associate with ink was the last panel at the end of chapter 1. In that case, it’s the way I drew the tree and bird. I’m very pleased with how those drawing turned out, and they both look good in black and white and color as well. This is a good reminder for me that truly good comic ink employs techniques like this and is supposed to be able to stand on its own without color.

I’m going to go and touch up the rest of that strip to use these techniques now. Maybe it can be a thing I do now, or at the very least a thing I aspire to do. It’s also a good reminder that techniques from physical ink drawing translate very well here.