Run Rabbit Run #16

(I’ve shared this around, so if you’d like to read from the beginning (about 35 strips) you can start here.)

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And that’s a wrap for chapter two! Thanks for reading, readers!

I’m going to take some time now for scripting and cover art. I got close to burnout on Against Stupidity starting around the end of November, and I’d like to keep telling the story, so I need to work on it more intelligently. Part of that is better script planning. I’ll be taking at least one week for that.

I don’t want to overpromise, but you can still count on regular updates–I just can’t give an exact start date. I could need a week to write; most likely I’ll take two, and then start drawing. I’ll post something here every Monday in the meantime, a doodle or a story or some Against Stupidity-verse arcana. You can also leave a comment or bother me on twitter.

Thanks again!


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