3 thoughts on “Run Rabbit Run #3

  1. Oh, man… the Homeowners Association!! Worse than Demons from Hel !

    My dad and mom bought a very nice condo in Florida after they retired… beautiful, but there was a very active HOA. My dad never wanted a motorcycle in his life until the HOA told him he couldn’t have one. Could even have visitors who rode in on one.

    Our property in AZ has verbiage in the deeds about the HOA, but so far all the purchasers are anarchists, and won’t form one. Wildly opposed to even that low-grade level of government – “Why do you think we moved out to a high country desert foothills place like this? To get away from town!! And a HOA might as well be city hall!!!”

    Funny step, he’s going to have trouble with demons, evil warlocks, AND the HOA!!! Great idea.

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