Over The River and Through The Woods #4


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7 thoughts on “Over The River and Through The Woods #4

  1. Didn’t get the email for this one. Also noticed that there isn’t a set of links, that would be helpful if you weren’t sure where you are in the plot.

    I like the cat too. There’s no reason you can’t save Cooper’s majic powerz for when you need a Deus ex Machina to save someone later on. And the gas mask looks really realthough the re-breather I used in the Nav was huge compared to this, but that was 40 years ago, no matter….

    I’m anxious to get into the plot more, so HURRY UP!


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    1. Thanks, JR. I checked with a couple other folks and they got the email, could it have gone to your spam folder?

      And could you elaborate on what you mean by a set of links, for plot context? (There are next/previous buttons at the end of the posts.)

      At any rate, the comic updates Mondays at 9am pacific. Most of the time spent making them is in doing the backgrounds, so once the camera starts returning to settings that I’ve already drawn in detail, that’ll go much faster; once I’m confident that I’m churning them out at a respectable enough rate, I’m going to add a Saturday update.

      The gas mask was sketched off a Russian model. Plus, you know, magic.


  2. Well, just talking about if you land on a random strip, have forward and backward links to see what just happened, or jump forward to current events, along the time line of the strip’s plot/


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