3 thoughts on “Over The River and Through The Woods #2

  1. Love the good start, I hope it keeps you interest so you keep it going, I know it takes a lot of creative energy, but you seem to have that in spades.

    Congratulations on the commencement of a new art form!!

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    1. Thanks! The previous project (fish story) I actually just stopped posting because I realized I had enough to rework into a novel, which I’m currently on the final act of (I remember you were reading it). I made most of that into private posts because it’s not the same story any more. If you’d like to read a bit feel free to send me an email with the contact form!

      With this, I don’t have any delusions of publishing a graphic novel. It’s also much easier to write since I have so much lead time on account of only posting once or twice a week. Plus I like sharing my pretty pictures!

      Edit: Also, I used to draw a vaguely popular webcomic about thirteen years ago, so it’s not strictly new 😬


  2. Ah, interesting. I just had to go to comments from the episode I commented on and there we are. I remember the expedition into the Pacific starting on a small boat, that was the last part of the Fishing Gone I remember.

    When you’re ready I would like to see the novel. No fishing, Gone, the Fishing – lots of funny ways to title that, double entandres kinda.


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