Over The River and Through The Woods (cover)


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Chapter 1: Over The River and Through The Woods

Jesse hasn’t been to Denver, or Grandma Clarita’s house, in years. But now he’s back to claim his inheritance and move in. It’s been a while since he’s been able to call anything bigger than an illegally sublet room in an apartment home, and he’s ready to try something a little bigger, even if it does come with more responsibilities. But this inheritance comes with more than frozen water pipes, old wiring, and creaky floors. The Homeowners’ Association seems to have it out for him, for one, and there seems to be a blight on the neighborhood squirrel population. The bodies are starting to attract crows. It’s kind of creepy.

As if that wasn’t enough, some of the neighbors keep really weird hours and seem to party a lot. It’s not great for his sleep, which he’ll need if he’s going to get a job and figure out how to use the university registrar’s ancient website. But first things first–how’s a guy turn on the WiFi at this place?


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